Music is the translation of thoughts (lyrics and message) in a melodious form. It is meant to create ministration in the soul. It is basically the words and message that makes the music. Beats and rhythms are only embellishment to make the music attractive. Christianity and secular music have no compatibility. The Spirit that rule in both worlds differs by FAR!

It has become a common place to have secular music converted and sung in churches and we have suddenly become comfortable and think its innovation. NO! it doesn’t edit the origin! Have we lost our creativity as saints? Once a man becomes truly saved, he carries what eyes have not seen, what EARS HAVE NOT HEARD and what HAS NOT BEEN CONCEIVED BY ANY MAN I Cor 2:9. A saint is sound in his mind, old things are gone and all things have become New! Let’s not be tricked into adopting the fables of evils by innovation. Check the lives of those who convert them in-depth they are empty!

Secular music does not edify and so doesn’t qualify for what one who is not of the world to fellowship with. God created music to edify our soul and create an atmosphere of worship with Him. Angels are constantly singing praises to God and the entirely of the heavenly are constantly lavishing worship in a pleasant and uplifting manner. Music is defined by who is singing or inspiring it, remember there is a spirit in man the INSPIRATION of God( Job 32:8) hence music is spiritual ! However words carry life and they have a mission which is the message! The devil was in the choir, he knows music and lost understanding of it when he lusted after the euphoria of excellence God enjoyed by it. He proofs his ignorance by manipulating it from inspiration to entertainment which is the bane of secular music. ALL music carries the spirit of the one who sings it. Satan had never had a good intention than his project steal, kill and destroy. Secular music is fashioned after this.

Friends the devil is subtle, his wiles look like palliatives but they are pain enhancers to eternal doom. It must sound nice to be attractive but it is a TRAP! Music is supposed to bring worship to God. Secular will remain secular! TRUTH will NEVER be edited.

Music creates thoughts because the ears and the mind are connected. Truth is when the mind is corrupted life collapses. The devil is exploring every means to optimize his project the entertainment industry has been a VERY fertile ground. Secular music entertains, excites the body but does not edify the soul. Edification brings an enlightenment for creative activity but entertain only amuses for the sake of impression. Secular music is an arrangement or program the devil is running to infiltrate the mind and ruin life. What makes music is what is said and the message. If the message is not the truth, flee it is an appearance of the devil.

I remember one song that many chanted and danced to “unleash the dragon”. Imagine how many dragons have been unleashed into the world and on lives because millions ignorantly called them to be. Remember you will have whatever you say! A good man out the good treasures of his heart bringeth forth good things. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Don’t get too simple that you cheaply become a sacrifice to the devil; it’s good to be sacrosanct! Let’s not be blinded minds, understanding is key, any music that doesn’t mention God or reference Him is not from HIM. We know God’s image by His word so if you don’t appear like the word you do not carry the word! Beware of Secular Music, if old things have passed away let them pass away indeed! Godly music abound, don’t get trapped by the philosophy of simplicity!

Beware! Meddling with fire only procure BURNS.

Afolabi Julius Olatunde… Just a sage in HIS HANDS!

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