The greatest management strategies are within the MIND of MAN. Mental Bankruptcy is the limitation that controls failure, tragedies and frustration. The personal refusal of man to undertake SELF HARVEST is the root of his malfunction for a successful life. Vatshi’s refusal displaced her from royalty! Don’t be like Vatshi!!

Businesses, Corporations, family, finances, nations etc rely on the deep thinking of a separated man. Separation is one fundamental theater of surgery for complicated issues of life, business, finance or family. Do you ever find a TIME and PLACE to REASON with YOURSELF? (Self Harvest process). Animal Science knowledge of Eagles teaches how they forbid stagnation by renewal in separation. if a BIRD separate itself to unravel the possibilities of the future. why wouldn’t a man? Jacob saw the future CAMELS in the field of separation.(Gens 25:63) Am not talking about soul travel, i mean A CONSCIOUS SEPARATION. Jesus often withdrew from the crowd into the mountain and he returns armed with SOLUTIONS!

One truth is germane, Self is a Nature, Personality, Philosophy or Lifestyle (Romans 8: 5-8) and HARVEST can only come from a cultivated garden but a wilderness or a forest because all you get would be weeds which are likened to error filled judgement or sour decision. That is what you get from uncultivated people. (Gen 8:22) The approval for any man comes by READING, LEARNING, STUDYING, OBSERVATION, THINKING & REASONING, INSPIRING ASSOCIATES, WRITING (the expression of intuition) and THANKFULNESS TO GOD because these are banks that create your deposit of valued information and knowledge from which you draw in #SELF HARVEST.

Executive management many times call for close door thinking called BRAINSTORMING.(A technical brewery of workable options) to dissolve the corporate hard sentences.

The PRODIGAL SON had no name which means ANYONE COULD BE IN HIS SHOES, He remains my greatest SELF HARVEST STRATEGIST. A good study of his biography can unleash you into uncommon wits for life! The guy arrested all his issues.(Luke 15:17-20). YOU TOO CAN DO IT!!!

When you have exhausted external search without result LOOK INSIDE YOU! You are LOADED with BENEFITS daily. Our CONFIGURATION forbids being STRANDED! Sobbing away like Hannah’s first approach is woeful dispense of energy,(I Sam 1:6-7), when your heart is heavy UNLOAD IT TO GOD and SIT BACK for FEEDBACK because GOD answers INSIGHT PROVOKING PRAYER. psalms 20:1-4 Prayer is an INVESTMENT with SURE HARVEST! Jer 33:3

Self Harvest remains the technology for staying above the ODDS!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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