The Soar of the Eagle is admirable feat loved by all; amazingly that emergence takes a conscious backend preparation. Mysteriously, the Eagle would pick up stuffs beyond its personal weight. If your marriage must soar on Eagle’s wings, you must understand that reality.

Two are better than one and they have a synergy greater than their individual energy! Ecc 4:9-12!God is awesome; no wonder we are only complete in Him.

Exactly Nine years ago, we said “ I do and I will”, Thank God they have not been empty words but words of commitment. That smile when I spotted you hasn’t changed because it was natural. The design of the face doesn’t confirm an honest smile! You are not cosmetic! Thank you for remaining supernaturally natural! I appreciate the way we discuss business analytically! The Cement of the Love of God has embellished our going, to Him alone be all the glory. We are not perfect but God made us perfect. Without Reservation, I must thank you Linda, for being who you are, forgiving my faults and forbearance in the storm and sweet sails. Those words that it will be alright and don’t seat on your laurels are treasures of your commitment to those double turbo words “I will and I do”. In no mean weight we are living what we share in transparency of hearts not minding how bad we often feel when we must make good right. Thank you for the wonderful children we bear and nurture! What more can I say, God is good to us and we are mostly grateful!

Now, Marriage can only soar when couples actually couple. Wedding is not marriage, marriage is sustaining wedding! Your wedding may be intimidating; it takes emotional and spiritual bravery to sustain marriage. Intelligent people have lost their marriage because they ignored insight! Many weddings are alive in the heart of the public but are dead under the roofs and in the heart of the couples. Wedding is very cheap but marriage cost a fortune especially sustaining it. When God said Seek me first, he added that all provisions would be supplied. (Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:19).God understands the role of finance in marriage; you know we are espoused to God in redemption. Romance needs finance! Money is very important in marriage but it is not the ultimate. Money has rooted out love in many marriages. Couples must have a pool; else they will accommodate struggles and famine. A joint account doesn’t make you lesser a man or foolish a women when your love and reasoning is honest! it shows Trust, Partnership, Purpose, Oneness and Love! Some women pay bills but won’t keep quiet and some men can’t take their eyes off their wife’s salary! Look beyond the money bag! Money has made many marriages sole proprietors rather than Unlimited liability companies.

  • Marriage takes a man of purpose and a woman of wisdom. Purpose decides what wisdom manages; a home is born with both! A home needs a vision and vision needs people, vision without people suffers! Couples need each other always in marriage. We live in an immoral world where lust has become a daily trademark, advert and offer. The potency of lust convertibility is made potent with a little emotional carelessness and a carnal trial! A good marriage seconds love with mutually loving sex, be naked and not ashamed with each other. Stay in-charge sexually, talk and teach each other within biblical context, be willing to learn and innovate as inspired within godly context. God made sex but unauthorized dealers polluted it and initiated infidelity. Infidelity is a life liability! That’s a tough pill for unguarded youths of today. Unauthorized sexual is the reason for many marital failures today, statistics are heart wrecking. Satan spearheads lust to get people lost and loss marital and eternal bliss. You can’t be an eagle with unauthorized sex; you stay a vulture or worst still a vulnerable chicken.

Life is a journey of storms and glides, smiles and frowns, tough and tasteful times, there are battles and there will be victories; offences will come, it’s a harsh reality any two intending couple must be ready to walk through together. A good guy may not be the right man and a beautiful nice lady may not be God’s will for you. Good is a far cry from RIGHT but good can be made right! Paul quietly told the people of Ephesus “therefore do not be foolish but understand what the Lord’s will is”.  (Ephesians 5:17). If you don’t marry God, you can’t marry right and if you don’t submit to God you can’t make a good marriage right and sustain it. The world is not positioned to keep marriage standing, the world and its worldliness is structure to collapse the joy of marriage. Love is life and life is a school, ignorance makes a mockery of love because you will later discover you made a wrong choice due to insufficient knowledge!

Solomon carefully said, For the soul to be without knowledge, IT IS BAD! tough wisdom I must say!

The love of God is the platform for marriage to soar; no woman can completely submit and maintain respect without the love of God. I can confidently position that no man can absolutely love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her without the love of God. (Ephesians 5:22;25)Technically a divorce has taken place when forgiveness and forbearance is undervalued in marriage; it takes the love of God to practice both rightly. Marriage is a personal asset that holds value before God, if you undervalue it, you will lose value before God because it is a covenant commitment. (Mal 2:15)

  • Love is a riddle and puzzle to many and when that is the case marriage becomes a punishment or war! Marriage is a united force that couples must consciously lose their individual position into, it takes agreement for couples to soar in marriage. Two factors crucial forgiveness and forbearance, this is the omission in many divorce cases! No two couples got a divorce that denies love between them but they either could not forgive the hurts or couldn’t forbear proofing change. On the wedding day divorce was completely absent but as marriage began new realities suggested divorce and couples ignorantly jumped at it. Divorce is divided love but love can’t be divided, it means they didn’t understand love. Unlearning couples are marriage laggards that undervalued the key performance insights! Love is not ignorant. Read, learn and study to approve your soar in marriage. Marriage is not trouble, you are meant to soar!

For every turbulent marriage, I say peace to your storms in Jesus name. For every quiet marriage, your children shall surround your table. For the marrying marriage, I say watch and pray. Excitement magnifies weakness. When you get wedded, marriage becomes an obligation and divorce is not an option. Get love right before wedding and then you can enjoy marriage. Genuine salvation is core to loving right! Read I John 4:7-10!

To my wife of all times, I say it again I Love You Loads, thank God for keeping us thus far and thank you for letting Him!

I love you all!

Dedicated to my wife, children and home by the graceful love of God!


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