Some customer do Value; some do volume. Business needs both!

Three (3) Simple Ways To Handle Preferential Customer Management!

Business is essentially created to serve customers in a manner that keeps them coming and pays us our margin.

If you analyze your business very systematically, you will discover that some customers do volume and some do value.

Both are important in their rights but management science demands that we sets our service standard to serve all while we can tweak service rendition. This is why in some businesses; there are VIP columns which attracts higher price and income.

The aviation industry provides us a good illustration, the flight is same time but preference has been structured by First class ticket and economy class ticketing. Right from the inception of service, a separation has been done. That is a Business Scaling system.

Business class or first class tickets are treated differently and separately, they don’t follow the normal or general queue, they are directly to the VIP lounge and driven up separately to board the flight.

1.    Create The Distinction From The Inception Of The Service Process.

 The service system must be structured to present the preference prior to engagement. That way, it automatically sieves sentiments.

It is the same reason why products are packaged in sizes, so that you make your choice by the size of your pocket or cash flow or affordability.

If you get into a hotel, it is already packaged by default that room service would cost a little more or already billed into your choice of service from the catalog of services profile.

2.    Make Quality Equal But Service Differentiation Price Backed.

The error in preferential treatment is when it is done without structured and personal discretion in delivery.

The quality of product is the same but service differential or sophistication is affordability driven. It is still the same flight but different service treatment plan.

More comfortable settings and service, service courteousness is still same but provisions are different due to affordability choice.

3.    Create Product Differential

In the digital economy, we find that there are premium packages and there are free services on digital services online.

This is also a way of managing customer preferences and engaging the preferential customer service.

Which other ways do you or have you handled preferential customer Management?

Julius Afolabi
Value Improvement Strategist

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