In life there is always a person to meet in other to reach your placement in destiny and there are also people you must miss if you must reach your placement in life. God uses men as angels to help us reach his prepared place for us. If only some people missed the occult gang or that strange friend, they would never have died or probably be insane. If only the young prophet missed the evil older prophet maybe he would have lived. Mind who you meet, know who to miss!

Behold I send an Angel before thee to keep thee in the way and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Exodus 23:20!

It was God that organized the meeting of the Peter with the man at the gate of beautiful who had been there in a bad shape for 40 years. The truth is that what you are looking for in life is in the hands of someone, there are people in form of angels that God made to usher you into your prepared place in life.

Every man has a place but need a bridge. There is always someone God sends to uplift another man. Joseph was recommended by someone, Daniel was identified by someone, Esther was introduced by someone into the contest that brought her into the palace. Naman was advised by a maid into his wholeness from leprosy that would have rubbished his living despite his so called status. Many people just wear status but are heavily challenged. It is not man you need but God to bring the man your way or direct your step to the man. The man at the pool of Bethesda was waiting and looking for a man instead of God. Until he saw Jesus, his position remained. You can’t find help until you find God. God also recommends, He recommended Bezaleel to Moses. He recommended Jesus, this is my beloved son, hear ye him and everything began to hear him.

One thing lead to another, everything is connected. souls that resemble attract inevitably. 

I don’t know how long you have been in that position, situation or condition, if God direct your steps to walk in the way that will meet the one who has your miracle; you are free from the hold of that syndrome. My prayer is that God would order your steps a right to meet the one He has sent to you and make you miss the one the enemy has set for you in Jesus name.

Do have a sensitive day !


Julius Afolabi.


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