Cock crow is a good alarm to start the day back in the days and still relevant today! This note is like a useful cock crow for you! Time is going dear reader, whatever you have to do, do quick.

” A lady banker had just put to birth and was on maternity, she got a call from her employer to resume back to work and resumed only to be handed a sack letter! Another also in the bank was almost due for delivery but got relocated, rather than redeployment letter she got a sack letter”. Banks have back up and bankers only use back up in the bank, themselves rarely have a backup plan. WAKE UP! THINK!

Don’t let the RAT RACE silence your REASON for LIVING. Find your Vision and get your direction. DESTINY IS SUPERIOR TO SURVIVAL! Start early or its game over sooner than you expect!

Many jobs today rarely have any plan for your life and even careless about what happens to you. That is the capitalist philosophy. Banks are a good example. Don’t waste the most effective part of your life in a place that has no glimpse of your worth!

There are things one sees that makes him or her cry and there are things one didn’t see that will also make him or her cry. There are things you hear and you share tears and maybe your story has power to command other people’s tears as well. The realities of life are divergent! I pray that our tears will always be that of JOY!
When and How you start has power to determine your volume and level of accomplishment. How and when you start will also affect your flow and speed. Many didn’t achieve much because they started late and many people have become nothing because they never even started. Late risers own up many regrets.

The reality of time is too obvious to saunter your actions and decision about anything you want to do. In this world, no matter how fast you are running Time will catch up with you. Everything will expire except God’s word.

My 10 months baby girl celebrates when her car sit clips are unlocked with so much joy. No man hates freedom but freedom is a double edged sword. Hmm… So it time! you either make your decision with time work for or time will work against you.

Paul told us the reason to maximize time! “Redeeming the time BECAUSE the days are evil” Ephesians 5:16
Only a useless cock crows at noon! Start early or live struggling and die wretched!

REDEEM THE TIME.. Day by day opportunities are unwinding and possibilities are fading off your strength. Work while it is day. The worth of your life is in the utility of your time. Start early!

I pray that as we grow day by day, may we see the volume in us and follow the direction designed for the value of our life!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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