The wisdom of stock swap as witnessed in many mergers of business is a good picture of caution as it relates to our associations and engagement. Wisdom remains a principal requirement for every association and engagement else your mistake may become a generational lesson! Your stock is your content value. Ignorance of one’s content will cheapen losses.

Stock swap takes exchange intelligence! What future value are you exchanging in your present association or negotiation? Job seekers or job change seeker need this stock swap intelligence! it is a trade of failure to let an ignorant employee negotiate on the behalf of the enterprise! Don’t be a smart fool, have projective consciousness! when greedy and selfish experts are on corporation boards, corporate failure is in view! Marriages without this mastery also suffer emotional imbalance that slowly drives to marital accident!

Every association or engagement in life is a stock swap. Stock swap is a technical term for exchange interest intelligence. Engagement can be a merger of equals or unequal. A humorous stock swap occurred between Esau and his younger brother Jacob, the world has not recovered from the exchange intelligence of the smarter brother. Exchange is a two part negotiation, every man always seeks a win- win but many times knowledge and value makes a huge difference. Jacob offered a finite stock but Esau offered an infinite stock, that transaction was an unbalanced stock swap and that imbalance from Esau’s casual disposition created a fountain of regrets for him and the story of their transaction became a global and generational lesson.

Mind your association and negotiations! This is a worthy compensation plan wit.

From my business sense diary!

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