Fear and foolishness are the properties of a hopeless destiny! Strategic investment are those with maximum returns at minimum risk but this optimum truth is not available for the pessimist or ignorant. Ignorance is the temple where we worship foolishness. Extensive search for power and wisdom has transported many into the land of captivity and falsehood that ended in absolute foolishness. A title is not a ticket to power which without positive change makes you a captive. many people think they are powerful but they are actually ignorant and foolish. Facts can delude the ignorant but truth is wisdom and power to bring royal change. 

Fear and foolishness are the properties of a hopeless destiny! 

Access is the privilege to have an experience! Denial is emptiness, hopelessness and prevention from the reality of experience. Wisdom is the force to do what is right, Power is the wisdom to utilize what has been given to you! There is only one access to power and wisdom!
what good is your position without rest? what good is your wealth if it cant buy you all you need? what good is your age if you will end up condemned? what is your status if you cant save your soul? what good is your education if in real terms you are foolish and live in fear? what good is your shape if your life is shapeless? what good is manager that cant manage his home? what good is it to be celebrated outside but lonely within? what is good is expertise without fulfillment?What good is your beauty with an ugly life? what good is a life live on drugs? what good is expertise with struggles? what good is endless researches without a resolved? where is the wisdom of the wise, the understanding of the prudent and where is the scribe without solutions? why the job of an assassin or armed robber or cheat or fraud under the guise of unemployment or poverty.1 Cor 1:19-20

Eternity is far beyond your tenure! Dont let your position rob you of eternity! You have a mansion but no one to share it with. you have a bed but no sleep!How can you be highly placed on earth but have no place in eternity! Read the lines.
Assumptions will crucify your eternity! Rationalization will ruin you! Philosophy will fill your life with frustration!Psychology will journey you into folly! Status will make stale & trample on!An alternative god is doom!1Cor 1:20
Here is the access (Rev3:20), CHRIST is the WISDOM and the POWER of God. Dont read this for fun,(John 3:18) Don’t remain a fool or live in fear! Ignorance is indirectly sin because ignorance will lead to sin! This may look like preaching but preaching is the foolishness that God has chosen to deliver men from their challenges, fear and folly. 1 Cor 1:21
The access to wisdom and power is CHRIST (1 Cor 1:24), If Christ died for all, then no man can make a mark without Christ! Without Christ we are of most men miserable.

Nothing can be more foolish than to have a provision and cant take possession! Mismanagement, Deception, Ethnicity, emptiness are properties of ignorance! Education cant make you wise (1 Cor 1:22) only the gospel can make wise. Therefore i charge you wherever you are NOW, get this access and reign as a king God has made you! Confess your ignorance and Accept Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior, Re-dedicate your life if you need to and pray for grace of continuity in Christ if you have Christ already!(Luke 9:62).

Simple prayer: Lord Jesus i come to you today, i acknowledge i am a sinner and ignorant of the truth, forgive me my sins and accept me into your kingdom of the wise and powerful. i accept you as my Lord and personal savior from this moment forward. Keep me till eternity by your grace in Jesus name i pray. Amen

Dont be ashamed to share! Sharing this is wisdom and power! Remember man is the continuity of man! Save someone today!

Welcome to wisdom and Power!

Have a revival weekend.

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