Vince Lombardi said “The man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there” .Life isn’t about just finding yourself but also recreating yourself. I think the poor wise man who saved the city was thinking but wasn’t hustling that’s why he didn’t have a voice. You must THINK and HUSTLE RIGHTLY.
Diligence is righteous hustle! Many of the disciples were uneducated but had skills for extra stream of income! I don’t think Jesus wasted his carpentry skill, someone said Jesus story shows he had some day offs, what was he doing? maybe he had small carpentry work to attend to. How come he had an accountant because his ministry was to the poor and free services even to the few rich.
Many of what we owe are the things we ate in ignorance! Just like Jacob and Esau. Birthright has a future maturity date but Pottage has a present value. Desperation is the mother of cheap exchange of the birthright for the pottage. Birthright is invisible but priceless but pottage is visible for a known cost. If only we would delay gratification for the pursuit of vision. Your vision is your birthright but your pottage is your ambition.
African economics is not to surprised at, why? Just like Jacob they love without wisdom who negotiated for an unknown spouse with his future earnings. The Asian tigers think in training and hustle for African market. Remember both have population and intellectual power but priorities and lifestyle differs. China builds technological power and export technological expertise & product for both foreign exchange in two dimensions. Consultancy fees and export income. Africans import and refuse to build or permit expertise, hence capital flight becomes inevitable!
Thinking and Hustling are two perspective of life. your economic power hinges on optimizing the both, hustle with thinking. Hustling without thinking or thinking without hustling will leave you economically paralyzed in the future. Thinking is a valuable investment with future value while hustling is activate mechanical power to commercialize or seek direct sale possibilities.
Thinking is a good weapon for hustling but hustling without thinking makes you a slave! Winston Churchill once angrily said IT IS NO USE DOING WHAT YOU LIKE, YOU’VE GOT TO LIKE WHAT YOU DO!
On the EXCHANGE TABLE, wise people negotiable for what you will become but ignorant people trade what they will become for what they already are! Hunger and anger are terrible virus in negotiation.
Years back an African country had raw gold that sold to Buckingham! Buckingham palace had gold decoration and export that they don’t produce. Buckingham only had coal that is used to refine the raw gold that will be bought by the African producers. Botswana and Democratic Republic of Congo belong to the top five producers of diamond in the world. where is the indices on their economy? Diamond was first found in Angola in 1912 but its first volume mining became real in 1991. imagine 79 years of processing? Oil was first discovered in Nigeria Oloibiri in commercial volume on January 1956, we got independence in 1960 and boom began a few years after and today oil is still an issue in local distribution with so many caustic elements! Without refinement speed you will remain raw and poor! DON’T JUST HAVE A SKILL, REFINE IT DAILY and COMMERCIALIZE IT.
A year ago, On the recruitment table for a Film Academy, i asked a 21years standing Dr of theater Arts what his minimum acceptable earning will be for the job and he said N100,000 per month regular and some possible allowances where possible. I began to wonder in all these years in the university he never wrote a script to be produced? His student are star actors and actresses? Couldn’t he have partnered to boost his economic power?
The street smart always exchange their wisdom for the intellectuals! intellectuals work with ideas but politicians work with economic networks. Politicians hustle for contract and contact professors & experts to deliver the job at a token. Until the expert leaves his tent library to get the contract, he will make only a little margin never have a voice!
You can change your state if only you will make THINKING and HUSTLING a 2016 project. Begin to plot your graphs now and change your economic power!
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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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