The future is not a mirage but it only suffer diversity of  perspectives that define how life will eventually turn out. The future only writes what and how you are conscious about it. it is just a definition of how you see from the inside! We can decide what is yet to happen by the way we think, act and resolve now! My question is “Where is the pitch of your sensitivity”?

There is a future for you but what is your future consciousness pattern?


Those PAMPERING your WRONG are SUFFERING your FUTURE. At the point of CHANGE memories are OLDER THAN EXPERIENCE, so LEARN FAST and be responsible to ADHERE!

1.The future is what you did yesterday and yesteryear that you are not willing to change today!

2.The future is the lessons of yesterday and yesteryears that you resolve to correct today to void a repeat fall tomorrow!

3.The future is the habit that wanted to stop you and you stopped!

4.The future are the daily disciplines that change your experience and the experience of many!

5.The future are the discoveries you made and insights you gained from studying, reading, observing and meditating !

6.The future are the goals you are accountably and committedly pursuing!

7.The future are the words you spoke and have been speaking from your thoughts!

8.The future is the love you expressed and still expressing towards yourself and others!

9.The future is the extra time you take to see another man rise and prevent the fall of many!

10.The future is the training and instruction you give to your children! The future is a function of effective Learning.

11.The future is motive with which you decided marriage and making money!

12. The future is your attitude towards time. Poor respect for time harms today and dishonors the future!

13. The future is your disposition to resources and opportunities! it is equally the response to regrets and mistakes.

14. The future is how much and how often you engage your energy or strength. It follows how much and how often you sleep!

15. The future is your attention to caution, dedication to true instructions, response to action and separation from destruction!

16. The future is your response to pleasure, pressure and pain.

17. The future is your carefulness about what you celebrate and how you celebrate it! It is the transmutation of Joy!

18. The future is about what keeps you awake at night when others are asleep and about wakes you up in the morning if your sleep was short and eventually what keeps you going all through the day!

19. The future is the respected priority. It is destruction of procrastination to pursue a true vision or an unrepentant striving for the realization of a dream.

20. The future is your contribution yesterday and today towards to the betterment of mankind. What can and will the community record against you?

21. The future is your walk with THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD! it is the summary of all your thoughts, actions and decisions on a moment by moment basis with eternity in view. It is your regard for the word of God. It is your relationship with men and fellowship with GOD!

” Those who live as their human nature tells them to have their minds controlled by human nature wants. Those who live by what the Spirit tells them to, have the minds controlled by what the Spirit wants. To be controlled by human nature will result in death while to be controlled by the Spirit will result in LIFE and PEACE. Those who obey their human nature cannot please GOD” Romans 8:5-8 (GNB)

I am sure you would find it sublime as you read this to please think and RESOLVE FOR THE FUTURE!

Culled from my book “Start Early or Live struggling and Die Wretched”

It would be my pleasure to have your comments and response to these perspectives.

Enjoy the rest of your life!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde.


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