God’s view is the greatest definition of WHO, WHAT you are! until this life is burden and a share struggle! The Bible defines your spectrum in life so that you are wasting energy, time and resources struggling for positions that don’t fit you! Square pegs in round holes has been the bane of the national rigmarole!

A nation is just a collection of individuals, a community of people under a SINGLE government! Government is the administration of the gifts of people and resource within time with terms called the law!

Administrative failure over resources that are gifts has placed echelon in living categories all over the world. this is also evident in our CORNERS, HOMES, LOCALITY AND SELF in decisions and choices! All is about proper identification and administration of GIFTS. Why? God’s gift are without remorse!

you are not valueless. YOUR GIFT is your VALUE. Discovering your gift only require you going back the GIVER of the GIFT and follow his guidelines for ADMINISTRATION then your VALUE is ESTABLISHED!

Locate your GIFT and MIND your POSITION, no one can take your place. Your unique identifier remains your GIFT! Your fingerprint CONFIRMS your UNIQUENESS and the RARITY of YOUR GIFT! your GIFT is the CAP that FITS your LIVING if ONLY you will DISCOVER IT!

Many people misinterpret the word ” whatever thy hand FIND to do do with all your might”. it is not the same as WHATEVER YOUR HAND SEE TO DO!

There must be a FINDING, DISCOVERY, AN UNDERSTANDING, A SELF AWARENESS!  until then will SLAVERY becomes BURIED and TRAGEDY will be frustrated and RECOVERY is made POSSIBLE!


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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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