…the idle soul will suffer hunger. Proverbs 19:15

If you are not thinking, you will be hungry for deception. Deception is looking for solution and satisfaction in futile places. Futile places are the environment of assumed knowledge.

Thinking appropriates what is available to you in the reality of your mind. Our mind is so important that God cannot visit a man without his mind. This is why when the soul sins it make a man dead. Assumption is personal crucifixion to misery. When you assume you undervalue your true possibilities. An active soul reels out solutions with precision. Active souls are renewed mind. Inactive souls are drabs of misfortune soaked in assumption, assumption is a reflection of nothingness.

Assumption is an ad axial of deception. A state of unawareness of one’s own ignorance. Assumption is the deepest grave of ignorance. Economic analyst will always gone into hiding during economic depressions because they have no answers. Economic is dependent on assumptions.

Life and reality does not thrive in assumptions. I do not think any man would like to assume that he is foolish? No way but many live in assumption daily. How? Their lifestyle and choices.

The soul consists of the mind, the will and the emotion. These are the factors that man is a social component of the earth and humane.

Idle means not working right? Now imagine that a man is idle in his mind, emotions, and will? It means he is not associable and will suffer dryness, become cruel and not know pains. This is a devastating position of any being, complete drought of life!

An idle soul cannot reason and therefore cannot make a good resolve. Opportunities and possibilities would be scarce.

How to get the soul active:

1) Seek the Truth.

2) Accept the Truth

3) Walk in the Truth

4) Activate your thinking by studying relevant materials in your field as against the Truth.

5) Associate rightly. No one parties with a fool and expects miracles. your circle encircles your circumstance.

The word of God is the Truth! John 1:1-5, John 14:6.

God created man for an abundant life hence he requested the prosperity of his soul! 3 John 2. When the soul is prosperous, hunger stay at bay!

Get your soul active!

Julius Afolabi.

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