Many people live with money but die wretched! Why?

Accumulation without the assurance of sustainability of durability is futility. Futility is the race of man without God. Certainly, expiry will catch up with docile stock! Good thinking activates stock and velocity of value!

Many people keep the purse but sell the source. Posterity sure beckonS on all men but the adversity of ignorance sinks the reality of such dream. Ignorance is one plague that excuses a man from greatness!

Judas was busy carrying the bag instead of the bible like others. Disciples indeed. John 8:31. He was beclouded and ended up without money. The Bible creates money but money creates nothing. Why? It is how you think that gives utility to money. MONEY IS ABILITY AND PERCEPTION! The paper is only a representative of money and the value on the note is what how you think is worth.


Listen up, it is not inflation that devalues purchasing power of money, it is how you think!


Judas sought to return the 30 PIECES of silver regrettably because of his ODD PERCEPTION. DON’T TAKE A JOB THAT WILL DAMAGE YOUR TOMORROW, Hired assassin is not a job, bribe has never sustained anyone, greed is the feast of the future!


Judas went his way so he crashed. Every scripture you ignore is a leeway to regret! Proverbs 14:12, Luke 22:4


Am sure when Judas got the money he said “Thank God its Friday” what a mediocre philosophy! It should be THANK GOD ITS TODAY ALWAYS for what is a Friday without life?

This philosophy of TGIF made him gather and stand with evil. John 18: 2-5!

Again the Judas theory is about wrong choice. Democracy is now a custom but our individual enlightenment and choice will determine national wellbeing. As Nigeria marks 54th year of independence, remember 2015 a choice would be made again. Let us not be like the Jews who chose a robber rather than a king! John 18: 38-40

Do the theories you live by have a future? If not go for the covenant of the truth!


May God help us all!

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Afolabi Julius Olatundeo

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