Thank God you made it to today but then a necessary need is that..
Guard your heart all diligence for out of it are the issues of life! Proverbs 4:23!
What drives you daily? What do you thank God for waking up to? What will life say you lived for? it is not about all of your appearance but what exactly is your motive for life? Motive is the medication for influence, impact, irresponsibility, etc. it is causal port of all happenings in the workplace, marriage, church, governance etc. what will the scan of your heart say?
The heart is a treasure pot and Out of its Abundance positive and negative actions flow but then the heart of man is wicked above all who can tell. Heart attack originates from motive!Jeremiah 17:9, Matt 12:35, Mark 7:21, Luke 6:35!
Motive is a force of life and a natural energy source that catalyses motion to a machine or a driving object. Motive is the push behind a pull. Momentum is a derivative of motive. Energy is never destroyed but channeled. Let he word of God fuel your energy and guide your action. Proverbs 4:20-22!
Motive is the back end justification for an act. Motive is the spinal cord of actions. it is the core intention behind action. Secrecy and transparency are manifestations of motive. As much as possible motive may not appear immediately but can be perceived by highly sophisticated sensitivity called discernment.
Business, life, ministry and governance have been largely influenced by this weapon called motive. Motive plays a hard card on the delivery and performance of a people or institution, this is where the performance yeast MOTIVATION found its bearing. Until companies and businesses can spy what motivates employees and their team, performance will be an unanswered question! Leadership fails because motive is poisoned. Happiness and fulfillment at work is a function of the motive force. All ill motivated gains will sadden life afterwards. Habakkuk 2:9
Pessimism in the midst of uncertainties, cruelty, asphyxiations of corruption and compromise, can be trapped by the content of the heart. What occupies your heart determine your motive and what plays out in your life whether struggles or triumph? All successes and failures in life are traceable to motive. Change is carpentered on the spectrum of motive.
Our motives sets our life in perspective and determines how we will appear before God. The content of our heart is the bill board before God. I Samuel 16:7! Life is all about the motive that drives it. Motive spells your faith!
if you get your motive shaped, life will be easy even in the midst of storm because you know it is truest yardstick of expectations that will not will cut off. Do you want to succeed and be happy in this life and hereafter? WATCH YOUR MOTIVES! Tune your motive force with what God says and win always.
The motive force is the engine that drives where you arrive! Let the pursuit of the kingdom be your motive force, then every other thing you NEED would come as incentives and fringe benefits. Matt 6:33!
Enjoy a grace filled week!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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