Replacement runs a twin scheme with succession. it is a necessary practice to exit without fear. the idea of replacement is a requisite one that all men should think about. this is one of the reasons for reproduction and in some cultures desire to retain family name. Replacement is meant to track history and create a consciousness of responsibility!

The attack of surprise can be shocking, it may cause a permanent shut down! Replacement is necessary because failure can be gradual or sudden. Living ready is the creed!We live in time and time is only a slice of eternity. Time will fade everything(Ask depreciation and Wear & Tear) except the TRUTH. Those who carry the truth don’t expire! John14:6

When do we REPLACE? When a product stops working, become less efficient, starts failing often, becomes obsolete or when a service dwindle in quality, offer lower value with higher cost compared to competition and unable to meet changing needs. when Obsolescence knocks let replacement answer!

Replacement is a substitution process to birth incremental dynamism and fervor to existing results. The game of football explains the reality of replacement in tenured time to secure a win or protect a loss or even stalemate potential obstacle.

In the corporate world, succession planning is a replacement mindset to fulfill the business continuity as a going concern! In the legal boundaries the corporate veil is lane to unmask replacement identity! Training is a replacement tool! Replacement can be precipitated by habits!

The old idea of inheritance was opined to nurture replacement. Replacement is a presence philosophy, something to outlive your physical presence.
Cairo Munroe, May the heavens that clap to welcome your parents and sister comfort you a great deal knowing you will pick up the mantle like elisha and double the impact!

Yoruba anecdote says “bi ina baku aaafi eru boju, bi ogedebaku aa fi omo re ropo.” That yoruba adage says when the fire elapse it replaces itself with ashes and when the banana elapses it replaces it with its offspring. The only WISE GOD carefully left Cairo Munroe behind to pass a message! Remember Joel Osteen? Myles Munroe collapse himself into Cairo Munroe. Cairo Monroe is another Munroe to watch out for!

How would you replace yourself? mentor someone, teach someone, light another person’s candle, show someone the way to his place, be a signpost, be a portrait others look at to shape their own life, change someone story, inspire someone, put a smile on someones face, write a book, say a word of encouragement, be a good model, be a pattern others want to pattern, save someone’s soul. the greatest of all tell someone the good news by the way you live your life! Time records all events, what would be your report card. Dr Myles Munroe taught me so many thing that transformed my life from his deep insight and revelation of the truth. I share in his replacement ideology firmly imprinted in his book ” PASSING IT ON”.

Replacement is also an ecclesiastic idea. Jesus said i will not leave you comfortless i will come to you. Yet a little while and the world see me no more; but ye see me because i live ye shall live also. John 14:18-19.

The great commission is to go ye and preach the gospel, it wasn’t a compulsion to have a pulpit but you have a life as an epistle for the world. Matthew 5: 13-16.


Tribute to my teacher… Dr. Myles Munroe!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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