In the beginning of the end, there a flush of consciousness! End is determining factor. Without end, there is no start hence God finished before we got started. He is Alfa and Omega, the One who knows the end from the beginning because he ended it already. Our assignment and tenure has been decided, its our call ensure we earn the end!

December crowns the year as a validation of time and season and the fulfillment of scripture ” Surely there is an END! Harvest is a quarantine exercise. Do you qualify for a crown?The end determines reward or reproof! No medalist earned the medal on the final contest, it was a growing accumulation. cumulative progress is wisdom!

Performance is summarized at the end and again the beginning of another session where privilege. Life is the privilege to plan another end. End is vital, How will you end? Sin is the gateway that opposition and enmity race on, it carts in calamities and iniquities that suck empty the vitality of dignity. The seed of corruption between David and Basheba had no name,(2 Samuel 11&12) it means corruption can manifest in multifarious forms not limited to the one you are conscious of! Surely there is an END! Sin ENDS many things that ought to be before they happen! Beware!Eternity begins at the end of this side of Jordan!

Procrastination spells its doom at the end, it subtly steals the opportunities and possibilities. Time travels forward to backdate the tenure of regrets. Now is the mirror of the end and the end is the design of the start and concentration through available or allocated time. Time remains unbiased but functional!

As the year ends, SURELY THE END OF fear, failure, frustration, excuses, profanity, procrastination, defectiveness, Depression, iniquity, carnality, barrenness and ………. (fill it) is ESTABLISHED in Jesus Name.

Welcome to DECEMBER!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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