One of the most needed factor of life is leadership. Despite the truism that leadership is initiated by personal responsibility and understanding of oneself, it is the character of influence acumen pioneer-ship. People, governments, institutions and corporations are determined by quality of leadership. it is the pitch of leadership that crystallizes management abilities and people capacities.
Leadership is masterminding vision with distinction, it is championing an unknown path with a warranty of needed change.Leadership is bring people and resources to fulfillment. Leadership is the percentage placement of qualified advantage. The standard of optimum leadership is high, those who truly attain them are rare and unique. Leadership is proven uniqueness, the dispersal effect of their reason is all inclusively beneficial. A leader negotiates with composite intelligence with consequence proof. The optimum formula for selecting leadership without bias includes:
Personal and people credibility:
Credibility is a priced personality over time with a future. This is experience and commended character of actions. it is justified mentality that equates the position of all for collective value. The position of the lead when absent is what validates leadership and its interest. The selflessness of reasoning about benefits is pointer to credibility.
Credibility is confident and commercial sufficiency. Before selecting a person or brand for leadership, there must be sufficient validation of credibility. This is drawn from historical accomplishment, present investment in self that harness potentials and the template of the future prepared.
Blessed Discernment:
Leadership is a shield, light and direction. Intrusion is natural for the gullible but leadership or a leader must possess the requisite capacity to negotiate the position of people and resources for an upturn in comprehensive well-being. Discerning harm and opportunity is a wealthy acumen that insulates losses. Blessed discernment is an irresistible spiritual judgement sure to deliver physical,economic and influential value.
Results are often crippled with in-exhaustive validation of critical analysis ability of a leader or leadership. Assumptions from historical accomplishment that have no future value often trigger erroneous guesses of an identified person for leadership. Assumptions are known to produce under-achievement or failed expectation. Leadership is not a responsibility to be approximated. it is a detail from a true and genuinely regenerated person. Blessed discernment beats human analysis when in action, only the man who commands the spiritual can produce a determined physical. Winning and meeting a need takes discernment.
Wits Opulence:
Superior judgement is value oriented. leadership takes a demand of wits since economic and depleting availability are the resources are on the decision board. Thinking to multiply with little is an exhibition of expertise and creativity. Building from within to tap valuable external advantage takes share wisdom. The capacity to galvanize abilities and creative capacities in others to command influence is crucial for leadership. Bringing people to realization of productivity with skills is a journey to personal fulfillment and generating quality quantity from raw & extractive privileges. This is what management is about in leadership, optimum utilization of availability resource both human and material. This is act of making leaders from followers. A selfless reproduction of continuity!
You will agree with me that only a rare few will qualify in a corrupt generation. they are not absent, they are only few. It is a decision powered by the knowledge of the truth.
The combination of the above is a dialectic formula but a proven formula of ages. The exploits of the apostles we have read about which still has generational reference is premised on this formula. Little wonder the book of acts wasnt closed, it was the orient of an idea to be further explored!
Read Acts 6: 3!
A leader who emerges from this formula will stand the test of time.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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