Concentration controls productivity!

Let us make MAN in our own image..after our likeness and let THEM(You are a multiple and multiplier), let them have dominion in and over the earth. Genesis 1:26-28!

In the above, God fashioned a principle of life engagement for innovative posterity. God define a concept of creativity for dominion solution. This is why without unity nothing works.

Today, the inability to concentrate has destroyed people, businesses, organization, marriages, ideas, ministries, community etc. Lack of true unity in the church has made domination more obvious than the dominion mandate. With domination, God will scatter to spread. The church will be persecuted to scatter it so that the gospel will spread. Watch it.

Colonialism was successful by divide and rule. Marriages without agreement are physically, mentally and spiritually barren. This is why divorce is painful, it is a rough and terrible amputation. Organizations without teamwork under-performs. Businesses without cohesive understanding of their trade dies. Nations without shared values never thrive. why? No point of concentration to produce value!

The concentration in that meeting in Genesis 1:26 created the wonder called man. The creation is an inference from the resident architecture being supplied to reality. The shape of man is the image construct of function. This means if you are tall, it is tied to your function. It doesn’t make you disabled or unaccepted.

Isaac concentrated the birthcycle of the old breed of the flock on an image in his mind and a new breed of flocks according to his mental image. Innovation is a function of concentration on an image of solution.

if you can think well and concentrate on your build, you will know you were born in the right time, season and country. you are not disadvantaged, you only haven’t discovered your uniqueness that makes you relevant.

Imagination is the concentration of the mind on possibilities, the highest level of human creativity. Image is a construction of concentration. Concentration is a definition by focused thinking. If you imagine, matter how big, God does beyond your image construct. Ephesians 3:20!

It takes knowledge of God to simplify complex things but ignorance makes many things mystic and complicated. Right thinking makes you access the available. There is nothing we will look for in the future that God has not built in the beginning, the assignment is to commit to concentrate on Him to access it.

There is a synch when language is uniform and barriers are broken, security is established and commitment is evoked. Today, we are still dazed about what happened in the upper room. Why? There was a concentration that birthed the unusual by the unity of an uncommon language. This language was the result of a concerted expectation, a concentration of imagination of a promise from one who cannot lie!

Meditation and solitude are forces engaged to concentrate on possibilities. If you meditate on what is good, you can’t go bad. The steps of a good man are orders by the Lord. A good man out of the abundance of his heart bringeth forth good things. Good and perfect gifts comes from God, this means you can’t concentrate on godly value, divine principles and become useless.

Hmm. When you concentrate on the word of God, you imagine uncommon things, a revelation is happening and an invention being construction that will give a solution to a situation is being fashioned. Speaking in tongues is not an exercise but rather a download. A vertical impartation and unlock of codes that Satan can’t abort.

Concentration gets you attached to your idea!
We are birthed to build not destroy. Unity builds. Another name for concentration is unity.
without unity nothing holds together, this means canvassing for a division is a spot of ignorance. They have a challenge of focusing on the new advantage of extracting greatness from the incompatibility through ignorance. Ignorance makes distraction attractive and devalues creativity and potency of productive viability.

In all, what am I saying? Every concentration has a source! what are you concentrating on in your life. what is your concentration going to heal, produce, inspire, invent, renew, inculcate and transform.. my concentration is to add value in a manner that turns men to righteousness. It is the principle of vergreen stars! Daniel 12:3

Unity is the focus of value. Concentration is the unity of mind to create solutions to a situation! Concentration powers performance in the direction of mental image.

You don’t have a problem, change your concentration!



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