Tough times are test times and usually products that fail the trial test never qualify for the shelf, they simply become trash and constitute a normal loss or an abnormal loss if carelessness is attached.

Education we have often known to be powerful because it can shield losses to an extent, however insight is a higher version of education. History has recorded repeatedly that economic experts are always in confusion during economic crisis or downturns. It is majorly because economic policies are wired on assumptions and facts which are limited versions of the truth. A young man called Peter became a victim of expertism in his fishing career during tough times. Fishes suddenly became scarce and he couldn’t provide a convincing explanation even though fishing hours, timing and techniques had not change. What a mirage?

Insight means understanding the core knowledge of a subject. Insight is the intelligence of knowledge. Insight is Christian Science; Christian Science is the basic eternal quality of a divine mind. We know intelligence could mean information concerning an enemy, a possible enemy or an area. Intelligence is the ability to deal with trying situations. Insight and intelligence are dimensions of knowing. However, insight is the divine sight, the brain behind intelligence. It is superior intelligence. Insight is the supernatural demystification of Knowledge intelligence. In simple terms we can say insight is the inner sight of a site!

As an intellectual entrepreneur and Christian businessman, I must say the timeliness of effectiveness is a business virtue in tough times. When you spend no time to do the right thing you easily command loyalty from clients and customers. Timeliness and rightness are business profit agents. The knowledge of the truth is what determines the degree of impact. Every one operating in ignorance in tough times is in a perishable state. It isn’t out of place for such persons or businesses to suffer rejection or customer attrition. There are voices that profiles business positioning in tough times, the voice of customer, the voice of employee and the voice of business. Insight is divine voice that tough times cannot resist!

And it came to pass that the people pressed upon him to hear the word.. Luke 5:1

My question is; what was He saying that people were pressing to hear? In tough times the economy and environment become harsh, survival is threatened. Amazingly we know that everyone dying presses for life, have you ever seen someone drowning? He will be gasping for breath, searching for life! Am not surprised, it is the breath of God that makes a living soul. Are the times tough? Press for the voice of the word of God that has the capacity to subdue all things, all circumstances and all situations. Insight is the revelation that commands dominion.

Peter was in tough times and scarcity but he pressed for insight, he saw and became a wonder! Luke 5: 5-6! Peter was in economic turbulence and famine but he located abundance when he saw from the infallible word of God. Insight is what your spirit man sees from the word of God. It is God appearing to you with instruction on what to do, how to do and when to do what is to be done. That is insight. Insight has the power to ridicule situations of outstanding solutions.

Peter’s fishing company was in bankruptcy but he got a free bailout by doing what the word says. That is acting on insight. Achievements in tough times are a function of insightful actions. Economy and Environmental factors have broken down peter’s business philosophies but Peter experienced a breakthrough by insight. He came to an understanding that it was impossible for any individual, profession or businessman to make an impact and difference in tough times without insight! I Cor 4:7.

He came to know and accepted the truth that insight is of universal applicability. His total school of fishing is only a subset of insightful fishing. All forms of education and intelligence, training, science and discoveries are only a smaller version of Insight. Joy in tough times resonates from insight. Crying has never saved any in tough times, complains don’t heal economic crisis, worries are not sedatives or palliatives in famine, the all purpose drug in tough times is INSIGHT from the word of God.

Wouldn’t you rather become a word addict and an insightful overcomer in tough times? Psalms 119:130! Psalms 89:34! The word contains the answers to the questions of tomorrow! why let temporal tough times put you in plasmolysis when there is insight in the permanent word of God! 

Until you know the word you cant smile in tough times! John 3:3!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde.


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