Its a leap year but look unto God before you take your LEAP!

There is a way that seem right unto a man but its end is the way of destruction and death. Proverbs 16:25

It is a new year and many times it is part of a new year plan to relocate based on some analysis or odd experiences. It maybe logical but is it spiritual. Change of job is a good thing or getting a new accommodation or home is also good, but who is asking you to? Before you take a step, ask your maker. He has the template of your life and success.

There was a man called Elimelech , he relocated because of economic crunch and search for better thing WITHOUT seeking the approval of God. He was lost and lost every thing. He turned his wife to a widow and made his many empty. Ruth 1:1-5!

-God will only back his word and guide his own.
– Have a dialogue with God, not a monologue with yourself.
– you can have sense but you can’t be as wise as God.
– whatever God is the one doing is always permanent and hitch free.
-The prodigal son also took a decision and relocated but he only perfected his misery. His calculations only lasted for a while!

When Elimelech left his place, he lost it all, when vatshi left her place, she lost it forever and another took her place. When Judas left his place, he was destroyed.

However it was God that asked Abraham to move or relocate and he prospered mightily.
It was God who placed Adam in the garden of abundance, peace and plenty.

God warns his servant by his word. Psalms 19;11.

LET GOD LEAD! Be foolish to follow and you will end up WISE!

Happy weekend!


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