Reading through is a software for enlightenment! Confrontation takes a software!

Software is a set of instructions or operations ( called program in IT) that process visible, feasible and physical realities. Thoughts and imagination are commandment of what can happen in days and years if operated. Imaginations pursued became inventions, scenarios questioned became generational discoveries.  Adaptive wisdom is a credible software. your current appearance is not the final plan of heaven for your life. Revelation is a wonderful software!

Mentality is a software! I wanted to get the mentality of potential employees during my last recruitment exercise so i asked ” Is salary compulsory, which would you prefer a salary or commission? 95{2f2abeb8feb70d415dc0613e4eba0841a80188fc1fa9236891da5e01fa7bc3b3} chose salary! Salary perspective are lazy people because irrespective of true efforts at month end salary will come but commission perspective means if a man will not work let him not eat. (II Thess 3:10). That is the productivity and contribution perspective. On the field you get experience and exposure that is worth more than money. Work to learn not to earn! Learning will multiply your earning!

Everything that happens has a software. The spiritual is the software of the physical. Efforts plus grace is the software of results. A budget is not a complete software for financial planning without discipline hence discipline is the real software of successful life budget for success. Employee willingness and commitment is the software for corporate productivity. Valuable contribution is the software for rewards. Spirituality and understanding are a good software for marital bliss. Talent pool is a software for customer and brand loyalty! Strategic Management is the software for business success. Customer experience is the software for market share! Submission is the software for a happy home (Submission is two way:Husband and wife). Ignorance is the software of struggles. What is your software running? software are specifications, what are your specifications?

Every external organ is controlled by an internal organ. no external organ can perform on its own. Your hands and legs move by a system of bones, nerves, tendons you cannot see. your eyes don’t just blink, it is controlled by an unseen nervous system. Why does you hand swing in the opposite way of your leg movement? it is internally controlled. when you try to swing your hand in same direction with your leg movement, you become abnormal. external control makes things abnormal. You cant see the brain yet it runs the body system! Investing in materialism or externalities is a huge loss but spending on internal worth or mental wealth is profitable.In the corporate world, if the management you see is not the management you cant see, performance would be a challenge!

Nick Vick the author of the book “No limbs no limit” has no hands to touch but he is touching and changing lives with his mindset. Mindset is life-set! Those who give excuses are those who give up on possibilities. Excuse is a software for failure!

Software and hardware are complementary and mutually inclusive, likewise your prayers and actions determines what faith will do in your life. prayer alone will make you a burden to God, THINK! until you put in the sickle, no harvest! Labor is economical in the season of harvest, you dont search much for mango in its season, do you? Seasons make harvest easy and cheap so also your trouble will go out of season into another season of triumphs. Being steady in the storm takes the software of faith! God rewards work not job!

There is always a software for every reality and possibility. Serving God pays. Physical stewardship pays only a little compared to spiritual stewardship. Physical stewardship may have earthly rewards but spiritual stewardship earns eternal rewards. Soul winning, praying for the lost, praying for revival, turning men to right living are spiritual stewardship. Enhancing productivity, effectiveness and enduring contribution are forms of spiritual stewardship. Luke 15:7.

The software for eternity is righteousness! we are ambassadors, Ambassadors run the software of their home country! We are in this world but not of this world. Receiving Christ is the software of an overcoming life!

What kind of software are you running? Jeremiah 31:16 “Thus saith the LORD;Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears:for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the LORD; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy”.

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