Communication is life and context is crucial hence a spellchecker was introduced in the information age to help vaccinate spelling and contextual errors.
Some issues look like a spell but continuous learning in the direction of the issue is a spellchecker! One book remains the life spellchecker! Read on….
Continuous learning is a spellchecker to many issues of life. Don’t gamble your destiny in ignorance, it will weary your years. Life complications owe no apology to the ignorant. Reading is a spiritual commandment. 1 Tim 4:13. Am no longer shocked, law is blind. (legal symbol depicts a blind judge with a sword). Don’t let ignorance cut you into pieces. Prayer alone will make you a burden to God, THINK! Books can enhance your thinking and widen your horizon. Go for good books. Internet is an information center not a gossip center! Opportunity is a double edged sword, it can make or mock you!
In the early days of my marriage despite how much i read and prayed in preparation for marriage, I still had some issues thinking it was just the storming stage of a team. I then got a book “The power of the praying husband” by Stormie Omartian and all i got there was that “if i submit to God everything will submit to me”. That was the key to the door of unnecessary offense crippling the joy of marital bliss. Thank God it was before the children started coming. Raising children in ignorance is building a generational virus of ignorance.
Laziness and laxity in learning can paint a good decision bad. Ignorance is a terrible shackle. Marriage is a continuous education program. the more you learn about marriage, the better your marriage becomes. Your choice may not be bad but your ignorance has manipulated your perceptions about her. Until you find yourself you cant see the other party. Marriage works like osmosis, when the home front is calamitous other fronts become equally calamitous. The charity of your radiance begins from your home. A wise man said “you can only educate your brain not your spirit, it is possible to be intelligent but spiritually dull”. John 8:32
Good books can change your life, you have a choice to quarantine and vamoose your issues. Of all books, i still recommend the BIBLE, it contains what other books may omit. man is limited but God remains unlimitedly untapped by man. There is no searching of HIS understanding…
Education is not freedom, Knowledge of the truth is the ONLY gateway to freedom! Salvation helps you choose your fights in life! Ignorance makes you fight unnecessary battles leaving you paralyzed for the real contention. Have you read your bible today?
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