Suicide pill is a corporate term used to describe anti takeover measures to drain life out of the subject organization as reactions from within to repel being swallowed. it is a deliberate attempt to frustrate the humiliation of a hostile takeover. Sometimes the management accumulate huge debts to frustrate envisaged hostility.

The truth is that sin is the suicide pill! Is sin intentional? Mistakes are nothing but a product of careless or erroneous choices! The word remains the guard, how?. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it will come the reasons to be accused or exonerated.

Suicide is defined as intentionally killing ones self! Everything that permits suicide hail from choices. All traumas lasts for as long as man wants. Anthony Robbins once said ” See things the way they are but not worst than it is”. Decision can be expensive in tough times but to bow to sin is a damnable cost you cant calculate its pain. The sad economics of survival is hinged on choice. No one easily admits that it is only a minute fraction is announced as suicide cases. Suicide is happening momentarily. see what i mean

The wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23! wages come after the days work. it takes will to work and it takes choice to work. our daily choices as expressed by our will is either a suicide pill or life springing pill.

we have often attributed death to satan but death has got no power yet it wills so much fear. why? Sin enslaves to the fear of death. Satan cannot kill, he only motivates sin so that man can kill himself. SIN is the sting of death! 1 Cor 15:57. Sin is Suicide! Satan will only be accused and he will justify his nature of deception and subtlety to your choice and will.

Every form of temptation is a suggestion, nothing will happen to you without your consent. it your choice facilitated by your will. Sin is satanically motivated to invite the fear of death or enslavement to fear! When Adam sinned, he suddenly became afraid. why? where was fright before? As soon as he made the choice , his eyes saw death in fear. he moved into hiding. The issue is “who can hide from the one who made the entire environment”?

Your choice is your suicide pill. The man who hung himself fell prey to the evil suggestion of Satan. Satan motivates and sponsors sin in attractive suggestions. Some marriages are suicide pills but it is a product of choice! mind what is attractive, look for its target. Satan has products and wares too. whatever will kill, steal and destroy Satan is ready to fund or co-sponsor.

your life is in your will and your life is in your choice. May Godly choice and the willingness of obedience to the voice of God in his word become our daily guide and security as we live in Jesus name. John 3:18, Rev 22:15,17! Jesus Remains the only true way to Life! john 14:6. You are not living until you are registered in the Lambs book of life!

Where are your choices taking you? where will your choice take you? Choose to live, Choose LIFE, Choose Jesus today!


Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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