Unguarded allowance is a permission for expensive trials. A sword is a lethal weapon and responsibility is a resolve to do things right. An enervation of compromise!

Control systems are a preventive strategy that shows responsibility. We don’t say because a child is matured we forsake counsel! Ignorance will lure a rat to seek accommodation next to a cat! When the education sector is malnourished or wounded by a passive curriculum, when teachers and lecturers are want of purpose, when society and community is adoptive of future averse paradigms and when the church is swift to rationalize we shouldn’t expect a vibrant and even national well-being! We will only a vital few that hold unto the sword of responsibility. It’s no aghast God always proofs the power of worthy few. Imagine millions that left Egypt for the land flowing with milk and honey but only TWO with the mentality of responsibility realized that DREAM. Dreams fizzle without responsibility. Don’t be boxed in with irresponsibility. (Boxing Day is a reflective time, reflection is a great gift). Who said nnewi, aba alaba, ladipo, Onitsha, cannot overrun china? Benue is full of fruits but empty of processing factories. Nigeria is a community with glorious resources but under tapped. Responsibility is the sword to win!!!

There is so much agitation for national transformation but not without personal responsibility, office, business and workplace discipline. Not when appointments are compensations or frustrated people are chief medical directors, not when spiritually underpowered people gain place in decision hubs. Industrial revolution can’t be sold by obsolete minds. Business will not thrive under assumptions of economic and academic derelicts; entertainment targeted at the rut of morals liquidates economic, social and physical wellbeing. The morality of entertainment is a mirror of our health statistics. Gambling has been subsidized in sports, football betting hubs like ATMs, that personal and economic trauma. Any man who can be bought by the natural is not worth any place of decision. Truth is the only resource that buys all things. You have to wear an observant lens! Wealth is responsibility; wealth is your money working for you while you are asleep. You are working so hard that rest is reporting wealth. Responsibility is two edged and priceless!

The worth of a LEADER is in the WELL-BEING of the FOLLOWER! Little wonder a man that cannot provide for his household is termed an INFIDEL. The worthlessness of citizens cast aspersions and insult on the reputation of the government. A man can become irresponsible if the environment is irresponsibility permissive. That is what it means by “give no place to the devil”. It is a two edged admonition to the government and the governed. The governed must equally take decisive steps to be a tool of ridicule by his desires and subjective appetites. Why do businesses create control systems? The trap the thought of breaking the rules, freelance can let lose the infirmity. Being lackadaisical is an approval for experimentation. Until you fashion controls and respect conscience you will remain an experiment in successive government of the unwanted!

Another year is about end enroute another as prophesied by time. Are we going to close the gap or widen it? The cheap should not be voted, freedom is expensive! Nigeria is you and until you change, the national change we look forward to will only remain a dream! However exemption is available for the wise. The wise are the ones in true service and obedience to God. Job 36:11!

Your responsibility is the worth of your life!

Compliments of the season to you!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde. 

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