Singapore is one of the Asian tigers with a remarkable international economic power and rankings. News agents querying the origin of this per excellence economy from its one time president “what is the secret of your economic excellence” he responded “Education, Education and Education”.

We have often said and sand education is power but does our disposition coincide with what we say and sing? If not, then its time to quit hypocritical profession!

I went by a state library and it was like an abandoned zoo! All the windows were broken, chairs and doors almost giving way with only the Library attendant dozing and less than ten people trying to read their private texts. it was cheap to agree with the educational performance of the state at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The state ranks among the least of the least.

Sadly, i went round trying to place one of my books and discovered many churches had no bookshops, to my dismay a 20,000 capacity church had no bookshop! i mean where is the renewal of the mind going to come from? Sunday and midweek teachings alone? Yet we have administrative offices but the transformation office we have left out! Churches have car park but no bookshop! Pastors author books but no bookshop! No wonder judgement will begin in the church! This may account for church product failure in politics, Daniel was not a professor but he understood governance by books! Joseph was not a chemist but he preserved the nation from famine for years! They read books! Books carry life! Myles Munroe said ” the world is ruled bu dead men who documented their ideas in books”. God made himself eternal in a book! We need both sanctification and mental acumen for governance! we shall all be accountable for what we know and didn’t teach or tell or correct others. Ezekiel 30:1-6.

Kudos to winners Chapels and others who mandate a bookshop in its structural plan!

In the majority of our tertiary institutions students out-space the lecture halls. The lecturer-student ratio is 1:400 minimum without public address system in most cases. The availability of hall determine exams schedule instead of the exams time-table! yet we want to practice e-learning in a poor economy? what a dark admiration of technology? I see why we have defective education!

Years back at 7:30am we were late for school but today i have seen parents chewing chewing-stick at 8:30 while their children are strolling to school chewing chewing-gum. what kind of posterity are we building?

All the avenues of education are failing (the church, the home, the school and the government) yet we expect improvement. We need a transformational change and it will only come from me and you!

Transformation we know come from the renewal of the mind. Rom 12:2.
A wise man said he who asks questions will only be a foot for 5 minutes but he who does not ask questions will be a fool forever!

Where is the change going to come from? THE CHURCH? The church is not the building but me and you who know the truth! Those who reject the truth enlist for struggles and consequently damnation. Hosea 4:6!

Education is three-fold, refinement of the soul (mental) and edification of the spirit (Spiritual) and care for the physical. The spirit is where real life is and the soul manages your well-being with men and environment, the body is the domain.

Government come and go but man remains a witness, therefore transformation begins with YOU!Until you know the truth, you are not educated or free! Salvation remains the true education! John 8:32,14:6, Mark 8:36!

If you don’t take personal responsibility, you will become a general liability!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​

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