To execute is to put completely into effect, to be fully maximised by defined design. Execution is sentencing emptiness to death by resourceful maximization of action!

Years ago I read a quote ” He that will not when he should, shall not when he will”. This got me thinking and questioning the thought paradigm and viola I got it. “Time messes you up when you dishonor it”. In essence, Living without execution of intention is attention to regretful obsolete capacity. It simply means if you waste your time doing nothing profitable, when you will want to do it, the viscosity and capacity would have gone. May you not wish you did what you should have done, in Jesus name!

The preacher said ” if a man lives many years, and rejoice in them all: let him remember the days of darkness, for they shall be many. All that cometh is vanity”. He didn’t stop. He went further ” Rejoice, O young man in thy youth, and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and WALK IN THE WAYS of thy heart, in the SIGHT of thine eyes: but know thou, that that FOR ALL THESE THINGS GOD WILL BRING THEE INTO JUDGEMENT. Ecclesiastes 11:8-9.


Time is a finite resource here, it walks unstopped and uninterrupted. While you are inactive, time is active. Result is the report of time utility and action management. Action management is not on your school syllabus, it is a self enterprising skill! I invest time to redefine my actions in alignment with my assignment. John 15:5!

The secret is ” I AM BENT ON MANIFESTING GOD’S GLORY” in ALL I do! You should too! You are not without the capacity!

Successful people maximise their constructive phase! We are all in it pee time.

Jeff Boss learnt most in his teenage, at 16 he had gotten good business experience at back-end McDonalds. He was posted to the back and restricted from that front-end, but he learnt the tricks and power of interfacing with the customers from the back-end. That mastery launched what we see today. Warren Buffet began selling at age 5, at 14, he already had entrepreneurial experience with partnership, at 19 he had read over 100 books on investment, at 20-22, went to Columbia University and met his mentor Benjamin Graham who was a guru in security analysis. After graduation he volunteered in Graham’s management consulting institute. Now he is an investment genius with yet a modest lifestyle. What am I saying? Don’t embrace the exotic without submitting to the discipline of the basic! All front liners have back-end pruning that sustain their spark in the front.

Stop being a dependent passenger. Being driven without understanding driving! That is an accidented life! Explore your potentials, upgrade and update curriculum of your life. Your life is a subject to be studied not abhorred because you died in inaction!

Satan is not that black huge guy with horns in front of the head religion painted him, Satan is simply “little errors in judgement” that vitiatee the validity of life.

There is an obvious generational gap in the leadership of our beloved country. They can’t give us what we need! They can’t align with the mechanics of the times. Let the reserved surface, Elijah was surprised about the 7000 potently separated. Let’s emerge, Until we proof otherwise, we may be hooked and hedged in. Our edge is in our action. What are you doing now to save same old story. Are you sane and sound enough to confront injustice? Do you hold the baton of true power in the most high like Daniel to deactivate other gods, the superiority of the rod of Moses was that it swallowed the rods of the magicians. The cabals don’t sleep, if we keep sleeping, the leadership will slip off us again.

One thing is truth, we are not born in a wrong time, we didn’t decide that but we’re designed to live out the potentials. In their days smart phones were not imagined, their configuration can’t spy it. Here we are dymistifying digital privilege. Let leverage the mentality not just the technology.

Donald Trump was relevant before contesting for presidency. He didn’t need fund raising. He knew the market. He may still need some tooling but he had defeated what could stop an average Nigerian youth. All I am saying is “Let’s command value that humbles money!

It is not the length of life but the content of life. Content rightly deployed defines impact and legacy.

John 21:25 vividly elaborated that mankind will not recover from that exploits of Jesus’s life. We have been schooled by religion and manipulated by the flesh to think, we can’t beat the John 14:12 mark. The validity of life is alignment with assignment.

If you do nothing, you become nothing. Even though, There is a difference between “I can’t do it and I will not do it”, Both are failures still. Make a resolve!

Don’t die inactive!


what do you think?

Culled from “Action Management” Authored by #juliusafolabi



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