Smartness many times lead to the valley of Sorek!

Looks Colorful but until you get in then you understand the taste.
That is life, it gives you the examination before the lessons.
Marriage is not a syllabus in school, Only God teaches it!
How then can you contract MARRIAGE outside God?
Every broken marriage had crack that were IGNORED in courtship!
Lust does not respect anointing, the caution is FLEE!

“Every vice NOT absolutely vaccinated will lead to the valley”
” When the devil promotes you he is only perfecting you for padlock”

It has been an OMISSION that Delilah killed Samson, Sin killed Samson.
Samson had a growing personal defect, ATTRACTION and ATTENTION to Women. (He was a Casanova) He was always seeing only women of all things, He saw one in Timnath, then in Gaza (now a harlot) and then HE FELL in Lust in the VALLEY of SOREK. Judges 14 &16.

VALLEY commands a FALL, why blame Delilah? she was just a warehouse for the bait of his fall! Who knows you next secret affairs may be your own valley of Sorek, you next runs maybe your own valley of Sorek, your next deal might be your valley of Sorek.

Stop being an executive prostitute or patronizing them. some even patronize both the executive and the non-executive prostitute. the executive are singles either in their own homes or under their parent roofs while the non-executive are stationed at the brothels and street corners. A number of tertiary institution ladies are executives. A wise man said “A little tear on the dress unamended now will eventually turn the dress into rags.” when your name is mentioned, let it for an example not for caution. Samson who was ordained to be an example became a caution.

Does what please you, please God?

Kill that private sin before it ushers you into the valley of sorek!

Do have a good reflection!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde!

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