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Some years ago a triangular business emerged called the wonder bank with peak returns more than the guaranteed basic fixed deposits in other banks. The success of first entrant commanded many shallow analytical followers. i was one of such. Ignorance is a virus in business success. i earned returns for half the life of my investment and lost my capital. what a prodigal business man i was. Your business story would become different only when business wits come on the analytical table.

I maintain that business is a catalog of questions correctly understood and answered. Business do not just collapse, they were symptoms that were ignored. Business and connections tangle but business and emotions rarely mix. Business is an objective trade with economic insight. If you cant face reality with objectivity you may not resume operations, when you pamper clear cut prudential guidelines with emotions you will bury the business.

One part of business is called investment and basically all businesses are investments. Investment are diverse and require good wits and speculation. speculation is a double edge sword, you can swing into profit and you can as well swing into losses. many victims and victors abound.

The first thing to consider in INVESTMENT is the SECURITY of your CAPITAL or INITIAL OUTLAY before the luscious RETURNS. Many people get carried away by the rate of return and jeopardize their CAPITAL.

When you think of business, think about your sincerity, vaccinate your projections with reality, take only informed risk, empower your speculations with a degree or certain level of reliability and be ready & willing to apply conscious patience.

Losses would be trap and profits would expanded when you are wise with figures and the truth!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​

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