Ignorance is a multidimensional sickness. It cause damages to life is several forms. One of them is THUGGERY!  Thug as a word was first defined as a thief of his own life. (1810)

Thuggery is a foolish tool in the hands of a fool which results in folly. It is becoming both local and corporate. Disappointedly in leadership corners, thugs are no longer scarce in institutions, corporations, churches, businesses, market place and even family.  When thuggery  becomes a cheap culture, societal laxity to advancement is born because vandalization is being deployed as the motive of action!

Strategy is a system of security!  Tragedy is the consequence of a defective strategy!  A defective strategy is destruction intended move against a positive position. Transformation I’d the only tool of repair to a damaged life if it is not yet absolute!( Death). 

Thuggery is becoming a job placement in the world today and it is almost an academy for the shallow and uncivil minds. It is true we see it as a shop-talk for politics but it also has sophistication in schools and corporate quarters. It is enhanced by false stimulants to express a stupor of the future. If we keep populating thuggery we will always have a DEFECTIVE NATION.

Foolish people think thuggery is stunt! Thuggery vitiates inspiration and accommodate faulty desperation for destruction. Some inferior leaders too employ thuggery as a defense, what an expression of internal insecurity and declaration of fugitiveness. The question is what good life does a thug have? why should a sane leader recruit a fellow man into such destructive and forceful enterprise? To relieve him of the unemployment saga or to shamefully fortify his unsafe self. Politics happen to be the industry that propagate the population and popularity of thuggery. I have wondered, Why do most politicians engage thugs? They are THUGS too! No wise man recruits a fool! How can a man be proud to have a foolish personnel? i thought a leader is to give life to people not take them! It is unimaginable that a young energetic man would trade his personal wealth capital for thuggery to a man intending to use you gain adverse public advantage. I remain disappointed when i see thugs express their folly as generously galvanized by deadening stimulants.

Thuggery is a life damager! Thuggery is murder business. Act 7:58. There is only one true strategy for life repairs, SALVATION! If a man be in Christ he is a new creation and old thing are pass away!  (2 Cor 5:17). A thug needs a new life, a new life is the old life absolutely forgotten by the repairs done to the mind! Simple, having the mind of Christ! (Phil 2:5).

Saul was learned but was ignorantly a happy thug, delightfully pursuing international thuggery but at the expense of his life! Are you in school and a cultist? Are you in business and in confraternity? Are you an executive and a capon? Are you married and in adultery? Are you single and permissive? Are you in public service and bribery or embezzlement ridden? Are you employed and underperforming? Are you far from your personal goals? You are not different from Saul.

Until salvation came Saul’s way (Act 9:4-19) he was nobody in somebody! Many people think salvation is just about God, NO! Its about your life, Salvation repairs life. Saul’s thuggery took another turn and he become a worthy radical for the gospel. His identity was changed, His life was eternally repaired. His life changed lives, his personality liberated many, his works are still speaking, his words are legendary! His impact will not be forgotten! What other repair can life need? Imagine if Adolf Hitler was an evangelist? Salvation is a remarkable address to life!

Salvation treats all life issues! Business, Career, Vocation or Profession.


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