The expectation of Nigerians are at peak as we move towards the handover and take over into another phase of leadership transformation. its only basic to know that conformist cant drive transformation.

The worth of your breath is what you leave behind, as some prepared to mastermind final loots, remember that nothing last forever. Also as some are calculating their strategies remember a good name is better than silver or gold. Leadership is a privilege. It is only your turn to serve!

The credibility of a leader is in the capacity of his visionary leadership to open up the followers visions. it takes a personal conviction for purposeful delivery, mental superiority for solutions to necessary strategic concerns with generality effects!

Every nation or people must be led and the success of leadership rest in corporate support. A total and comprehensive team. That team includes you and i. Our children and our children’s will question our effort to make a better life for them. it s our responsibility. All aspects and department of governance must objectively corporate.contribute and add value. Sabotage repays with regrets! No evil evades punishment. Time is a net of all! The repairs you make is your mark of attendance! Don’t be amongst the noisy inactive! Nigeria belongs to us all. Respect your conscience!

A leader is only considered tough when Justice hangs the culprit and laws are made without vested interest. When justice ceases to be blind to personalities, oppression will not end. the nest of law must not hold the immunity clause as a harbor for criminal respite or safe haven. When law is partial, that is xenophobia at local level. local xenophobia is worst than international xenophobia! Legislature is an objective assignment not a gang up! Respect your conscience!

Good leadership happens when objectivity is the followership creed and selflessness is the culture of the Cabinet. The only way to build and support leadership is to lead in your own corner as a support not minding non-recognition. your contribution is your productivity in your place and your personal character towards your assignment and responsibility! Add your piece to make whole the pieces!

The allergy of religion and ethnicity has not proves of any victory over time. Dwelling on these will only leave our expectations in a dark tunnel where the light of victory is farther. How long shall we continue in this rigmarole?

Accumulation and embezzlement has not cured death neither can it stop the day of death, so it is worthless for any leader to begin to imagine how to unlawfully feather his nest. Nothing built on an accursed possession stands. Corruption will only keep the posterity of the unsaved hostage! It is advisable to be saved. John 3:16! Haggai 2:8-9!

Two things equip failure, Personal disobedience and the force of disobedience! A leader who returns with casualties is a failed general!

You and i are part of the leadership. The leader is only in front!

My heart cry for the nation!


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