It is the SALT but WHAT the salt carries that gives it its credibility as salt. THAT IS VIRTUE! it takes Virtues to discern a GOOD IDEA from GOD’s IDEA! A good idea must be God’s idea to WIN DESIRED PATRONAGE! A good idea that is not God’s idea is a TRAP! Virtue is a Covenant GENIUS!

Virtue is the grace of excellence and quality that attracts the resources that makes a RESOURCE of local & global Productivity,Preservation and Progressive influence. Matt 5:13

Virtues seem INVISIBLE but creates VISIBILITY! They are the minute genes of the MINUTES! The source of RELEVANCE! Galatians 5:9 “A little leaven leaveneth the WHOLE lump” Largeness of heart is a virtue, it is a compendium of the fruit of the Spirit!

Virtues CREATE WHAT WE NEEDS despite how much we DESPISE them. THE VIRTUES create the MONEY and the VIRTUES explain the BEST ways to administer the MONEY! Many times what we TRIVIALIZE vitiate TRIUMPH!

Availability of virtues create PROSPERITY or Non- availability of VIRTUES manufactures ADVERSITY & AUSTERITY irrespective of a fluke prosperity (Windfall). A man will BECOME NOTHING WITHOUT VIRTUES! There are SPECIFIC VIRTUES and there is A CENTRAL VIRTUE!

Any life void of virtues will be FULL of VIOLENCE! Violence is the INTENSITY of a contra-good feeling or well being! Martin Luther King was ANTI VIOLENT, likewise GANDHI,Mandela was ANTI APARTHEID! All the School drop-outs that employed the school-full traded VIRTUES. Albert Einstein was ANTI CONVENTIONAL WITH HIS OBSERVATIONS and controlled the world of science! JABESH never asked for MONEY, he asked for THE BLESSING THAT BANS EVIL and COAST ENLARGEMENT that made him honorable. A coast is a forward momentum!

What do you want in life? There is virtue that commands it. JOB the greatest only a LARGE HEART, Solomon asked for an UNDERSTANDING HEART, Daniel had UNDERSTANDING in visions and dreams, Paul had ABUNDANCE OF REVELATION, Jesus was FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH and in HIM is hid ALL THE TREASURES of wisdom! Wisdom is dead without UNDERSTANDING. Wisdom works and THRIVES on UNDERSTANDING! Understanding is hidden in genuine redemption!

The greatest virtue of all is GENUINE REDEMPTION! John 3:3. Don’t forsake God and BUILD for yourself cisterns that cannot HOLD WATER!

May God embellish us with the grace of excellence and largeness of Heart!


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