If truly man looks at outwards appearance, why is your appearance not giving you a worthy life. Do you dress to attract, detract, distract or retract? Your wedding ring loses value when you appear like a girl. Modest apparel is the recommended for all women, we can understand that a child’s first shoes are worn incorrectly but what about the one we call a mother struggling to sit on a chair and covering her chest with handkerchief to take a stand. shame to you!

Your money loses worth when you purchase a low waist and cover your butts with your hands to have a sit even in a decent gathering, why tuck in your shirt to cover you panties or butts? i just wonder why people practice willing insanity! why take your cloths to a tailor to sow an undersize? The skirt is above the knee yet the slit makes it like a bare panties. This is not a show like today lady thinks, it is a demonstration of what the philosophy of perverted fashion had loaded in your mind. worst still this has crept into the church, we are no longer ashamed to come nude to church. instead of being naked to God in repentance we go almost nude to the world for the feast of deception, seduction and damnation! lady, woman , watch your show!

Laying your cleavage bare or flaunting your hips out of your design is a personal pogrom, a diminution and depreciation of personal value. when you see such you need no prophet to tell you where their head is!!!! A clone of a whore! there is nothing called sophisticated whore, a whore is a whore! The next time you are dressed up, look at both the physical mirror and thew spiritual mirror and ask yourself will a sane person go out like this and again will a covenant child of God go out like this? Answer it sincerely and be patient to listen to your conscience!

Fashion is mannerism not nudism. Looking good does not imply psychological demise. Living another man’s life is life’s greatest tragedy, copying the fashion trend of the culture-less will make you unfit for a happy life. Fashion is being cultured not being attire vulgar.

if you a woman watch your show, those days our mother will almost look like a masquerade just to honor their body, today the body exposure is the show. a show is an event anybody attends, be the design God made you. Precious woman.

I just want to see a better world and worthy admiration. Making change intentional is my passion, positive and progressive change is my heartbeat.

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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