Masturbation is a complicated dilemma nursed from seemingly harmless habits that is growing more than the control of the victim. It originated from carefree pleasures that have become careful pressures. It is not a disease that doctors can treat or juju can cure ( A house divided against itself cannot stand now)! Roman 13:1! it is a global disease eating the sanctity and sanity of men and women, boys and girls.
It is a trap that captures the three fold aspect of man which makes it an addiction that must demand higher divine power. no person can halt masturbation by personal effort. you must first seek spiritual treatment before you can commence personal discipline by the grace of God.
The topic is a hard nut for many teenagers, students, singles and even married. Teens cant discuss this with their parents and even if they do, how do their parent manage it and help them and that is if any of the parent is not a culprit as well. you cant be a convict and be seeking verdict. it is practically impossible! Students in higher institution think they are matured and can handle but they are dying secretly with these inseparable tie they got themselves into. married people are also dumb and deaf to their spouse. Isn’t this a matter to be combated with utmost veracity?
Statistics abound on the internet, what you dont know is a slow death poison. if i real out statistics of surveys done on this subject worldwide you will know that it is an organized trade from hell!
Actually masturbation is a secret societal disease. It is an artificial marriage and that stops the real marriage. if you are single it means you are engaged to a spirit because it is imaginative sexual pleasure with an absent person. it is a psychological travel that invokes an opposite sex for a sexual pleasure with resultant ejaculation. So you see, spirits have serious jealousy so they will fight any forth coming opposition. this is one of the issues that may have hindered many single ladies and gentle men. relationship suddenly dissolves maybe in a dream, if any man or woman is chased in the dream for associating with another person, he or she may not tell the other party but just quietly walk away. how long do you want this circle to continue? Never to worry there is no impossible case with God! Today if you decide it will end. it only needs your faith. Follow me! 
Masturbation will facilitate separation and isolation from your spouse (for the married) and isolation or low or no affection for opposite sex in singles. it will become a terrible remote that will condition your sensual, mental and spiritual stability.
And you know when your spiritual stability is infested then you are a living corpse already.
This may be lengthy but you cant compare it with the length of what you will suffer if you don’t decide to be free now! I can reach you because the word of God crosses all boundaries (Read today’s publication of Word Diet by Omotosho Tope Joseph)
Do you need help? then follow me and build your faith to be free now!
You need to repent and be baptized in the Holy ghost. Romans 10:9
you need a higher power to divorce you from that addiction!
you need to become a friend of God.
you need to discipline you association whether human, audio or visual!
you need to constantly plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and soul.
you must destroy all tools of masturbation with and within your reach.
Now listen:
Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus i come to you today, i cannot help myself but i believe my liberty is in you. forgive me my sin and wash me with your blood. today i repent and accept you as my lord and savior. Come and live with me and release your spirit to empower and guide me in Jesus name i have asked. Amen.
Now listen further. ..
Jesus said “i am the way, the truth and life” John 14:6! You must know the truth first and the truth that you know and understand will now set you free. John 8:32! Again Jesus said that whoever the son of man hath set free is free indeed. John8:36.
In the name of Jesus every knee must bow! Philippians 2:10!
The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it and they are safe. Proverbs 18:10!
The blood of Jesus is the overcoming authority over any addiction. Rev 12:11!
The anointing breaks all yoke and lift every burden! Isaiah 10:27!
Don’t forget whatever the lord doeth , it shall be forever. Ecc 3:14!
He sent his word and it healed them and delivered them from their destruction. psalms 107:20.
Jesus said ” if you will say to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea and you doubt now, you will have whatever you say. Mark 11:23!
Only if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believe, Mark 9:23!
All the words above contain spiritual power to dislodge that addiction right NOW in the name of Jesus! Heb 4:12!
Therefore i speak to you now where ever you may be IN THE NAME OF JESUS the CHRIST, that yoke of masturbation is broken now.
Declare your freedom to yourself now. I AM FREE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
Truly our God saves and delivers irrespective of distance or age of affliction. stay glued to your bible and keep focus on your assignment.
Stay blessed and share this gospel with someone on your wall. Roman 1:16
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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