How much can we pay for breath? its priceless! Breathe is the one resource that procure the recognition of the above phases of life. Have you been chasing breakthrough? well your breathe is your breakthrough. Overcoming yesterday only takes seeing today and leaving today well enough to see the uncommon possibilities and opportunities of tomorrow. If you have seen today, thanksgiving is the canoe to reach tomorrow because the flood of yesterday didn’t succeed to blow you away or drown you.

Sobbing about yesterday today is the misalignment for tomorrow. Yesterday is gone, ability is in today to build the capacity of tomorrow. Tomorrow is too near for you to lose hope because yesterday disappointed you. MOVE FORWARD!

The three season above are only a process and metamorphosis. Repetition of a past process can bore the next because the present is choking. Andre lara counseled “Don’t be afraid to start a new thing, it doesn’t matter how much you lost”, it is better to start afresh and better than to continue into gloom.

2014 is almost yesterday, its time to forgive all the errors and misgivings of yesterday. It will be fantastic if you don’t murder the possibilities of 2015 sulking in the disappointments, offenses, losses, heartbreaks, business failures, low performance, unrealized promotions or dreams,and a catalog of others as case may be. Life is the gift for change!

Nothing that happens to us is a surprise to God. God has a better ROI in 2015! no one with a victim’s mentality attains VICTORY! Our GIFTS NEVER ABANDON US but we are mostly careless to abandon it. Re-frame your gift in 2015. fight the good fight and renew your relationship with your creator, you can be rest assured all things will follow. Matt 6:33,1 Timothy 2:19-21, 2 Timothy 4:

I cant thank God and thank you enough for always investing time to read and comment on this platform in the year 2014. 2015 will certainly be unusually transformational. Proverbs 4:18.


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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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