Many times we never seem to realize that youthful misgivings accumulates into old age. Mistakes of the youthful days always have cumulative effects.

How come we find it pleasant to club all night rather than study or work all night. Youthful strength are vehicles that determine the garage of destiny in old age.
Whatever the devil will need from a man he takes it from him in his youth!

Bills do not respect grammar or certificate all they hear is settlement and when strategic planning is ignored when strength is much pressure will become the concern when when strength to pay bills is becoming weak!

Every opportunity trivialized in youthful days will count against the fulfillment at old age! Life need not necessarily be long but must of necessity be lived fulfilled! Economics and network are not the currency of permit to a valuable life, fulfillment is the report card of living!

Reuben wasn’t defeated at old age, his appetite overcame him in his youth!

you will only be young once! Value your youth!

Its Quarter two. Wake up to your plan!

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