Yuletide is a season.

Seasons are part of life but it isn’t a polarity of sanctity. 1 Cor 6:12-20! Yuletide is a transient time, the creator of yuletide is wise. His target was reflection since one time will collapse into another as an end into a start!

Like the tradition of man, civilization and ordinary has commercialized the yuletide, it is more of shopping than worship! it is more of feasting than reasoning, all true realities commonized. Remember that whatever you eat or drink should be done to the glory of the creator of yuletide. Don’t also forget the devil has cooked so much and made meals and even brewed drinks. Prevention will always be better than cure but folly makes acid like juice and ignorance is deaf to solutions. Yuletide is not a carnival or festival but revival! That’s the essence of the context!

we see sorts in yuletide, even the empty vessels make loudest noise of it in ignorance that we all owe the task of erasing. We see carol songs blaring in commentary if only the context of carol songs was believed. it has been more of party than purpose! Matt 24:37-40! Holiday sacrificed for vanities rather than family cohesion isn’t good enough. Our children need to know yuletide is good season.

In accounting like i studied, at liquidation or merger, there is a revaluation, realization and reconstruction. Obviously no one needs an accountant to be accountability, seasons are alerts of life accountability! May God help me and you make a bogus profit of impact with reserves of legacy in Jesus name.

Still wishing you good reflections, it is of His mercies we are not consumed!

Stay Christ’s always.

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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